Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

26/04/2013 -- Mary Simpson
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A pre-existing medical condition is any illness, disease or injury you had before you took out the travel insurance policy and for which you needed - and may continue to need - medical advice or treatment.

A cheap holiday insurance policy won’t cover serious pre-existing health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer.

Insurers who do cover these types of illnesses require you to undergo medical screening online or by phone and will charge extra.

It’s really not worth lying about your health just to get a cheaper premium.

While a standard travel insurance policy can cover the cost of an unforeseen illness, it won’t pay for medical emergencies resulting from existing health conditions you failed to tell your insurer about.

If you do fall ill abroad and need expensive emergency medical treatment, insurers have the right to see your health record. 

You could refuse access, but this allows them to reject your claim and you’ll be left to pick up the bill.

  • If you have an annual travel insurance policy, remember to tell your insurer about any major health changes on renewal.

What's The Problem?

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