Tradesman Insurance Quotes

19/08/2013 -- Admin
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Specifically designed to be tailored to the needs of self-employed small business people in the building and construction sector - or "allied trades".

The policies will usually include public liability and, depending on the trade the business type the policy is tailored to meet your needs.

Tradesmen are typically self-employed small business people working in the building and construction sector - or "allied trades", as it's often known - also tending to either work as sub-contractors to larger companies, or for their own customers, and may or may not have employees.

There's no shortage of tradesman insurance packages on the market. Many can be purchased immediately online though you should be sure they make allowance for the specific risks involved for your particular trade.

Whilst a cheap price might appear tempting, when it comes to the crunch and you need to claim, will you be covered...? To be confident you need to understand a little about the cover and to compare quotes.