What Can Go Wrong?

29/04/2013 -- Admin
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What could possibly go wrong?...

Unfortunately things can and do go belly up when you're on holiday ...

Lost EHIC, Passport or Money

You could have your passport pinched from under your very nostrils at the airport or be mugged in broad daylight in the street.

When taking money abroad there are some simple tips to remember and strategies to use.

Lost Luggage

You could lose your costa-fortune Louis Vuitton luggage and be left high and dry in Torremolinos in the threads you stand in.

Health Problems

You could take a dizzy spell just as you're locking the front door, conk out on the doorstep and miss the plane. How sad it that?

You could suffer a bout of Montezuma's Revenge in Mexico, break a leg on the Swiss Alps or suffer brain damage falling off a scooter in Salou.

If you have pre-existing medical conditions you can usually have these included - or excluded - in your holiday insurance, depending on budget and attitude to risk.

With adequate medical cover you can save yourself some hefty bills when getting emergency treatment especially outside Europe.

For holidays inside Europe, try not to leave it until the last minute to check if your NHS EHIC card is up to date or in the wrong name.

Medical & Body Repatriation

Your nearest and dearest may need to fly out to be at your death bed if you find yourself in a Meet-Your-Maker situation.

And if your death bed happens to be at the other end of the world - Australia - how will your loved ones afford to get your earthly remains home ...?

Repatriation insurance will pay for your return to your country of origin if you end up chronically sick or worse.

You can cover almost every risk

How?  Simply by taking out holiday travel insurance.  Insurance companies and brokers cover everyday holiday risks and offer online quotes.  Specialist providers cover people of any age and most pre-existing medical conditions.

Anything to declare?

Don't duck relevant questions that could render your policy null and void.  We live in a digital world and insurance companies are all knowing. They may even check your Facebook profile and pictures if you claim. And make sure you've got cover for those fun yet hazardous activities.

Typical Problems

We would love to add interesting stories and tales of misfortune and recovery. Let others benefit from your hard earned wisdom