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1/08/2013 -- Mary Simpson
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Travsure Travel Insurance Review

Bungee jumping at 70?  You can with Travsure.

Travel insurance for over 65s with pre-existing health conditions

Over 65, over 75, over 85 or even over 95 with pre-existing medical conditions? Berkshire-based Travsure cover senior citizens with chronic illnesses including cancer, heart disease, lung problems, kidney failure and diabetes.

Mental health conditions can be included, also people on chemotherapy or radiotherapy courses.

Upper age limits: None. Travelling companions can be included in the policy.

Cover choices

Choose from Platinum, Gold or Silver cover levels for single travellers, couples, families and groups up to 10. 

  • Single Trip: up to 94 days
  • Annual: 34 days per trip

Optional extras: Winter Sports (aged under 76) and Golf.


  • £10 million medical and repatriation expenses
  • Cancellation - £5,000 Platinum, £2,000 Gold, nil with Silver
  • £300 for lost medication
  • £2,500 for mobility aids.
  • £750 towards a recuperation holiday after emergency surgery abroad involving min. 5-day hospital stay
  • £100 per day for home help if you’re repatriated home on medical grounds following illness abroad

Sports & Activities: Bungee jumping, camel and elephant riding, gorilla trekking, parachuting and cycle touring restricted to youngsters aged 75 and under.

Not covered

  • Travelling against doctor’s advice or seeking medical treatment abroad.
  • Terminal illness if the prognosis is less than 6 months from your return date.

You can view the policy documents and wording online.  For an online quote, answer a few simple questions about your condition including medication and last doctor’s visit. 

Travsure Annual Travel Insurance for under 65s with pre-existing health conditions

Age limit: up to 64 (max. trip length 60 days)

Winter Sports option: 17 days

Pre-existing health conditions

Glaucoma, gout, hernia, macular degeneration, ME and diet-controlled diabetes are among 40+ medical conditions automatically covered by Travsure.

If you’re aged over 60 it’s likely you’ll suffer from more than one health problem.

Travsure will cover you if you don’t have more than 2 of the following or any other pre-existing complaint:

High Blood Pressure: if you’re a non smoker on 1 medication with no change in treatment in the past 6 months.

Arthritis (Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid or Psoriatic Arthritis Rheumatism): if not waiting for surgery with no hospital admissions in the last 12 months.

Mild asthma: if you’re a non smoker on no more than 2 meds and can walk 200 yards without losing puff.  No hospitalisation or deterioration in the last 2 years.

Hip replacement is covered provided not in last 6 months, as is colitis if no hospital admission in last 12 months, and ME if the only symptom is fatigue.

Diabetes: If unstable or you use medication, you need to call them on 0118 9186657.

Claims from any psychiatric, mental, or nervous disorder including stress, anxiety and/or depression aren’t covered.