Travel to Romania

1/05/2013 -- Admin
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Medical and Health

The NHS advises anyone visiting Romania to update their tetanus jab and get advice on vaccinations for hepatitis A and B, typhoid, rabies and diphtheria  - especially important if you‘re touring in rural areas.

Documents needed: Passport and European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Doctors and Hospitals

Romanian public healthcare services are generally free with the EHIC (the old E111 Form).  There’s usually no charge for a medical consultation, but you might have to pay for some medicines and medical aids.

Underfunded and short staffed, hospital care can be patchy and not up to standard.

Patients slipping money into doctors’ and nurses' pockets in return for speedier treatment isn’t unknown.

Private hospitals and clinics are better equipped but unless you have comprehensive travel health insurance, you would have to pay all medical bills in full from your own pocket.

Dentists: Dental exams are free for anyone aged 18 and under. Emergency treatment is free for all, with 60% of the costs reimbursed for approved treatments (e.g., fillings).


Emergency services are provided free of charge by the Bucharest ambulance service and county ambulance services. Air ambulance services available only in extreme emergencies.


Most over-the-counter medication and prescription drugs are available but may go under different brand names. Prescriptions charges - the difference between the medicine's reference price which is covered by the public insurance scheme and its actual sales price – aren’t refundable in Romania. You can always seek reimbursement back in the UK.