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Medical and Health

Documents needed: EHIC and passport

Doctors and Dentists

Doctors:  There’s a standard fee to see a doctor who has a reimbursement arrangement with the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme - most of them do.  Remember to show your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). No charge for children. 

Walk-in Emergency Clinics (Legevakt) are available for non-threatening but urgent minor injuries and illnesses.  Some operate privately. Private doctors and clinics don’t accept the EHIC – previously known as the E111 form.

Dentists:  Most dentists are private though there are some in the state sector. Private dentists set their own fees and charges can be high. Dental care is free for under 18s.  Keep all receipts.

Hospital Treatment and Ambulance Costs

Normally, a doctor will refer you to hospital. In an emergency, you can get treatment from the nearest public hospital or Legevakt (Emergency Clinic).

Charges are payable for specialist consultations and outpatient treatment (blood tests, x-rays, radiology).  In-patient treatment, including necessary medication, is free of charge for EHIC holders.

Ambulance: Free for emergencies.  There's a charge for routine transport.


You will have to pay for most prescribed medicines you get from the pharmacy (apokita).

If you’re prescribed medicines by a doctor on a blue prescription (for chronic existing medical conditions), you should be charged less – around 35% of cost.

The EHIC card isn’t the same as having comprehensive travel insurance.  See What Can Go Wrong if in doubt about whether you need travel insurance for Norway.


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