The Risks

29/04/2013 -- Admin
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'It won't happen to me'

You're on holiday. Of course nothing truly horrible can happen ... can it?

Oh yes it can.

Where Dangers and Losses are Greatest

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office lists 5 specific locations where dangers lurk and injuries are most likely to occur.


Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) injuries range from simple bruises to severe head/body injuries requiring life-saving surgery.

Inevitably some RTAs result in death. The cost of sending your remains back home (repatriation) or a funeral abroad can run into thousands.

The British Embassy won't pay and the EHIC  (old E111 form) doesn't cover it - it's down to your family.

The Beach

You could drown, have a jet ski or parascending accident or suffer head and neck injuries diving into the sea.

Severe sunburn and dehydration are commonplace, especially if alcohol consumption is excessive.

A 'healthy' red - can all too often turn into a 3rd degree burn.

Not cheap, if it the sunstroke means hospitalisation, and you don't have travel insurance to cover medical costs.


Balcony falls are common - often in the wee small hours of the morning after too many drinks.

Balconing, a craze involving leaping from one hotel balcony to another - has resulted in many serious accidents among young Brits, some fatal.

Slipping on wet tiles and diving in the wrong end of hotel swimming pools are common mishaps.

The very unlucky end up paralysed as a result of a fractured neck/broken back.

Gastro-enteritis is all too frequent thanks to the change in diet or poor food hygiene.

Remote Locations

Increased travel to far-off places has resulted in a higher chance of contracting tropical diseases.

If you haven't had the recommended jabs, you can't claim for medical costs on your travel insurance.

In remote locations medical facilities can be primitive and necessitate immediate medical evacuation.

Ski slopes

Winter sports can prove hazardous to novice and experienced skier alike.   The top 5 ski injuries are:

  1. Knee ligament injuries (30% of all cases);
  2. Fractured tibia
  3. Fractured/sprained wrists
  4. Back injuries
  5. Dislocated shoulders

Ski Injury Destinations

Top 6 destinations where ski injuries are most common:

  1. France: 45%
  2. Austria: 19%
  3. Italy: 18%
  4. USA: 11%
  5. Switzerland: 4%
  6. Canada: 3%

The above statistics were taken from a sample of 400 cases and provided by FirstAssist, one of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office partners in the Know Before You Go Campaign.