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Over 65's Travel Insurance

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Over 65's travel insurance


Not so long ago, people over 60, 65, 70 and 75 were progressively blanked by the tourism business.

However, there's been a major sea change in recent years and now one in five (20%) of single trip insurance policies are sold to someone over 60.

The insurance industry has had to toughen its approach to more risky elderly travellers as a result and premiums are calculated more accurately. NB. Remember to obtain your free NHS EU Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for basic medical cover in Europe.

Booming market

Alongside the boom in cheap air travel, more money in many people's pockets and good general levels of health there are also more and better destinations and longer life expectancy. Not surprising that our elderly are tending to travel more.

Age is a Factor in Price

Age however is a key factor in the calculation of an insurance quote - because of the increased health risk - and some, though not all insurers discriminate and refuse cover to the (9.4 million) over 65's. For over 75's, more than half of insurers will not cover them.

Over 65 Travel Insurance Quotes

A Happy Tale of a Trip to Miami, USA

Hot Spots

Today's OAPs are splashing out on not one but several trips a year but in response most insurers will not provide annual/multi-trip policies to this group.

Places like the Algarve in Portugal and Malta are just two of the top favourite hotspots, especially in low season when prices are rock bottom. But it is very likely you will need to take out a single trip policy for each break - so it wise to find a cheap one.

From your hammock in the winter sunshine somehow it's easier to shrug off the sky-high prices in gas and electricity back home, but don't be tempted to shrug off the small print within the insurance policy as you would make it void by concealing a current infirmity.

Adventure holidays

Proof there's life in the old dogs yet is the growing number of companies offering adventure holidays for the more mature amongst us.

Unfortunately the insurance industry still has older people pigeonholed in the Victor Meldrew one-foot-in-the-grave mould.

So despite their often jet-setting lifestyle, mature travellers often find it harder - and more expensive - to get travel insurance. So do look around, there are some differences in how premiums are calculated and how ill health is assessed. Swintons, for example, tend to look more favourably on past ill health - so give your local branch a call.

Hot Tips and Info

Nationwide offer single trip travel insurance to people aged up to 79

Age Concern have no age limits

You're a no-no for annual/multi-trip insurance if you're over 64

Check out an insurance broker for the best buy for your age and health condition

Check out cheap long-stay breaks in Portugal and Malta

If you're health is dodgy, declare it to your insurer


CityBond Suretravel

Citybond Suretravel is underwritten by Mapfre Assistance and claims to be the leading independent travel insurance provider in the UK.

Freephone: 0800 093 4647

They're an offshoot of Citybond Holdings Plc, set up over two decades ago. Easy to read policy where everything's spelled out.

As for the online quotation system, you don't have to give any personal details, unlike a lot of other companies.

It's only if you decide to buy that the site asks for them - a nice touch. CityBond Suretravel review


SAGA specialises in selling products and services to the over 50s age group, including - insurance, holidays, cruises and hotels.

You have to be over 50 to be eligible and there's no upper age limit, so if you are aged over 60, 65, 70, 75 or even 80 plus, give them a call.
SAGA review ...


InsureandGo won't cover you if you're over 76 but if you're over 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74 or 75, you can opt for either a Single or Annual policy.
Insure&Go review ...

JS Insurance

Churchill Insurance

Churchill give cheap quotes and single trip cover for people over 65's and those up to the age of 99 years of age.
Review of Churchill ...


Portwood offer annual travel insurance cover to people aged over 65, 75 and up to 80 years old.
Review of Portwood ...

Post Office

The PostOffice have no upper age limit to their single trip policies and over 65s can get a quote online. For people over 75 they have a freephone 0800 number for rates. You may need to speak to a medical screening line if you have an existing medical problem and this could increase the cost of your cover, some conditions are not covered.
Post Office review ...

Nationwide annual policies

The majority of standard annual multi-trip travel insurance policies on the market don't cater for anyone over 64.

Standing head and shoulders above the crowd in the single trip travel insurance stakes is Nationwide (see www.nationwide.co.uk) - their single trip travel insurance policies are available for folks aged up to 79.

Young whippersnappers

But even Nationwide's annual multi-trip cover is only available to young whippersnappers up to the age of 64.

But Nationwide are upfront about it - older customers, they say, have higher average claim costs than younger customers.

And they haven't been able to find an underwriter who could provide comprehensive cover at competitive premiums for customers aged 80 or over.

Essential Travel meanwhile are brave enough to offer annual travel trip insurance to people under 75.

For that, we think they're fab.

No age limits

Age Concern and Help the Aged, naturally, have no age limits whatsoever.

As they specialise in age-challenged customers, it would be shocking it they thought otherwise.

But what about other middle-of-the-road insurers?

In answer to the question,

"Why the age discrimination against people aged 65 and over?"

Direct Line's response sums up the industry's take on the issue pretty well.

They say:

"Our single trip policies do not have an upper age limit although there is maximum trip duration of 42 days if you are aged 60 years or over.

"The main reason we impose an age limit of 65 years on our annual travel policies is because of the propensity and probability of claims within this age group due to ill health.

"If we underwrote these risks, the result would be a general uplift in all premiums.

"We continually revise and update our underwriting approach and try to find ways to help our customers who are aged over 65."

So now you know why, if you're of a certain vintage, insurance companies view you as well, not their ideal kind of customer.

It's not your place - or ours - to question why they allow all those pesky under 2s to go free - is it...?

Taking medication abroad

If you have an existing medical condition then you may need to take medicines abroad.

Citybond SureTravel Travel insurance

Single trip policies with no upper age limit.
Annual multi trip policies available for over 65, up to 85 and option to include pre-existing medical conditions
Underwritten by Mapfre Assistance