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" Fore ! ! ! "

Nowadays golfers are legally liable for injury or damage caused by a rotten shot.

So a stroke of bad luck could cost you a fortune.

Then there's loss or damage to your equipment. As in every other walk of life, thefts are on the increase.

But before you part with your cash for this type of cover, check whether your current household insurance meets your needs.

Golf Insurance Companies

The Golfers Club

The UK's largest golf membership scheme is endorsed by Justin Rose and offers exclusive golf privileges worth thousands of pounds and free comprehensive golf insurance cover.

Hot Tips and Info

Check that your golf holiday package provide adequate golf equipment cover and an acceptable excess

Some companies offer cheaper annual cover

Liability for theft of equipment e.g. hired golf cart, and damage to property or people needs to be covered

Check whether your existing household policy covers you

If you are travelling as a group then you may get cheaper and discounted cover

As a member, you're automatically entitled to free specialist golf insurance.

It costs £49.95 a year - or 96p a week.

Exclusive members' privileges include -

  • a recognised golf handicap
  • a complimentary 1-year subscription to Pin High! magazine
  • savings of up to £500 with American Golf Discount on top equipment from TaylorMade, adidas, Mizuno, Nike, Wilson, Ping, Sunderland, Odyssey and Maxfli.
  • 50% off green fees at over 750 premier courses
  • free golf tuition voucher valid for use with over 270 PGA professionals
  • special deals on golf holidays
  • tickets for European Tour events

The Golfers Club insurance cover -

Golf Equipment

Golf Equipment Theft

Golf equipment (theft, loss, damage) up to £2,500. Equipment upgrades are available.

Public Liability £2,000,000

Should your dodgy shot seriously damage property or injure another person your legal position is protected. Personal Accident £30,000

Useful if you're struck by lighting on the golf course, hit by a swinging club or lose an eye thanks to a stray golf ball - it happens.

Golfing Holiday

Third Party Non-Negligent Property Damage £2,500

No need to hide in the bushes next time you damage a car in the club car park or break a nearby window. Club Subscription Reimbursement £1000

You get your golf club subscription fee reimbursed if you can't play as a result of an accident.

Hire of golf equipment £200

If your clubs are lost or stolen, the cost of equipment hire will be covered.

Hole-In-One Cover £200

The most memorable shot of your life could result in a costly bar bill, but hole-in-one cover will help take the sting out of it and help you enjoy your moment of glory to the full.

Post Office

Optional golf cover....more

  • Up to £1,000 for golf equipment
  • Ut to £200 for equipment hire if yours stolen or damaged
  • Up to £300 for pre-paid green fees

Essential Travel

Essential Travel offer cover of up to £50 per day - up to a maximum of £250 - for the unused portion of pre-paid green fees arranged before departure but cancelled on medical grounds.

Golf equipment is insured for loss and theft up to a value of £1,000.


For £34.50 per year, you're covered by Golfsure for theft loss or damage up to £5,000. Benefits include:-

  • Accidental third party property damage of up to £1,000
  • Damage to property or injury to another person as a result of your negligence - up to £2.5 million
  • Plus up to £300 to help celebrate that unforgettable moment - that hole in one

Golf Today

Benefits include :-

  • Up to £5 million for any 1 accident, with up to £5,000 accidental damage to 3rd party property
  • Golf equipment lost or stolen will be replaced on a new for old basis to the value of £1,500