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Business travel insurance

Take the Strain out of travelling on business

There are countless numbers of hapless business travellers who discover too late that they've got no travel insurance cover whatsoever.

Many just assume that their firm already has it all sewn up.
Not always true.

Others rely on their own holiday travel insurance to see them through. Not always likely.

Leisure Travel Exclusions

Unless agreed beforehand most insurers exclude business travel from their leisure travel insurance policies.

They make a very clear distinction between trips for business and trips for leisure purposes.

Leisure exclusions in business/pleasure travel insurance

For some people - especially owners of small businesses - the need for business travel insurance doesn't even cross their minds.


If you have to go away on business, check with your employer that you have adequate business travel insurance to cover you for your trip.

It should include all the activities you'll be undertaking in the course of your work.

If your work involves manual labour or involves visiting building sites - as opposed to everyday office-based work - then you'll need specialist cover.

Specialist Cover

If you work for a large company where staff tend to travel on business regularly then the chances are that some form of business travel insurance will be in place.


It would make sense - first there are sizeable savings to be made by taking out business travel for employees who are, after all, valuable assets of the company.

Plus there's less time spent on admin having to organise travel insurance for every single journey.

The important thing is not to assume that your company already has business travel insurance in place.

Or if it does, that it's going to be adequate. Always read the small print.

If you discover that there's no business travel insurance - some firms expect employees to organise it themselves - get some fast, before your next trip.

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Laptop Insurance

If you have an accident or are robbed while on business - say your laptop is stolen then you have no comeback if you haven't got business travel insurance.

You could even be liable to reimburse your employer for the cost of that laptop.

How far will you go . . .?

If you're visiting an unusual location in the course of your business trip, check the FCO Country Travel Advice before you go.

Check with your insurer that you'll be covered for your destination - whether it's the UK, Europe, the US & Canada or worldwide.

Business/pleasure travel insurance

Risky Destinations

If it's a risky destination, your business travel insurance will take this into account.

You'll have peace of mind knowing that if the worst comes to the worst - you get kidnapped, say, in some Godforsaken hell-hole and (gulp) don't make it out alive - then your nearest and dearest won't be left to foot the bill for bringing your earthly remains back home.

Here, look closely at the level of personal accident cover - if you're the sole breadwinner and something awful happens while you're travelling on business, is it enough . . .?

Suit Yourself

As with holiday travel insurance, you can choose the type of business travel insurance cover that suits your lifestyle.

You can get business travel insurance for 1 night spent away from home, or a whole week, or longer - 45 or 90 days, depending on the insurer.

Pre-Book Accommodation

For business travel involving an overnight stay in the UK, cover is null and void if you're sleeping at a friend's or relative's house - accommodation has to be pre-booked.

If you're regularly away from home on business, then annual multi-trip business travel cover will save you time and money.

Combining business with pleasure . . .

It's not unknown for employees to want to combine business with pleasure by taking a holiday at the end of the business bit.

But your company's business travel insurance policy may not cover you for the holiday bit - so arrange extra cover before you go.

Contact Details

Don't forget to take the all-important contact details of the emergency assistance company with you and make sure you know what to do if something happens.

Some insurers insist that you call their emergency helpline as soon as possible after a problem arises.

If you don't phone them soon enough afterwards, they could turn nasty and throw out your claim.

Driving Abroad

You need to think about insurance cover for driving abroad - either with your own car or a hire car.

Insurance cover that comes with car hire will probably be limited - you might be personally liable for any injury or damage over this limit. Ask for top-up insurance to increase your cover.

If you are taking your own vehicle abroad, check that you are fully protected - you could face a hefty bill if you're involved in an accident or if your car's stolen.

It's also important to check that you're insured for being driven in cars and by drivers from other companies you're working with.

If you have any doubts about what is covered, contact your insurer.

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