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Information about travel insurance - options, insurers and knowledge.

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Taking Money Abroad

Claiming for hard cash has conditions attached and limited values.

Medical Health Insurance

The no. 1 reason to buy quality travel insurance.

Acts of God

When 'Act of God' or 'superior forces' ruin your plans, are you covered by your travel insurance?

Medical Emergency Expenses

A medical emergency abroad can cost an arm and a leg. 


You can cover for holiday/travel cancellation due to: accidents, illness, bereavement, FO advice, redundancy, pregnancy, household disasters and jury duty.


Get cover for cutting your holiday short.


Losing luggage on holiday is a nightmare.

Lost/Stolen Passport

Replacing a lost or stolen passport abroad is costly - temporary = £95 and full much more. Insurance generally covers £250 to £750.

Missed Departure

Stranded at the airport?  Left fuming at the ferry terminal? 

Personal accident

Gettiing seriously injured in an accident abroad is that last thing you want.