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29/04/2013 -- Admin
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You want a risk free holiday abroad? Of course you do!

Unfortunately no travel insurance policy could cover all possible events and expenses.

Often you wouldn't want it to - so why pay for cover you don't need?

If your policy includes winter sports, for instance, and you're not going anywhere near the piste then you're over-insured.

You're bankrolling other people who're taking part in dangerous activities.

Travel Agent Trap?

Many of us still buy our travel insurance from the travel agent when we book our holiday.

Often we're given the impression that it's part of the package, and there's no option but to buy insurance as well. Not true.

Cheaper, more comprehensive deals are available online.

Alarm bells should ring if  the travel agent doesn't ask if you, anyone who's travelling with you, or stay-at-home close relative has a medical condition that could result in you having to cancel or cut short your holiday.

Pre-existing medical conditions (e.g. heart condition, high blood pressure), must be disclosed.

What a comprehensive travel insurance policy can cover

  1. Cancellation & Curtailment  Up to £8,000 if your trip's cancelled or cut short due to circumstances beyond your control.
  2. Emergency Medical & Repatriation  At least £1 million for Europe (don't forget your EHIC), £2 million worldwide but ideally up to £10 million for medical treatment and bringing you home if you're ill or injured.
  3. Personal Possessions Up to £1,500 to cover loss or damage to personal property and documents, including help with replacing a lost passport.
  4. Personal Money Up to £500 for loss or theft. Hard cash is covered (keep proof of what you were carrying e.g. cash withdrawal slips). Also travellers cheques, e-cheques, coupons or vouchers with a monetary value, tickets to shows and events and travel tickets.
  5. Personal Accident Up to £50,000 if you suffer permanent disability or death on holiday.
  6. Missed Departure/Departure Delay Up to £800 for delay through no fault of your own, or up to £8,000 if departure's abandoned.
  7. Personal Liability Up to £2 million in legal expenses and personal liability cover if you cause injury or damage to other people and their property.
  8. Hijack/Mugging Up to £1,000 if you get caught up in a hijack and up to £150 if you get mugged.
  9. Legal Expenses Up to £50,000 to help you claim compensation or damages following personal injury. A must if the country you're visiting has no legal aid system.