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Tradesman Insurance

What is Tradesman Insurance?

Tradesman insurance is a policy designed specifically for trades people. The usual policy clauses are included such as public liability, and depending on the trade the business type the policy will be tailored to meet your needs.

Tradesmen are typically self-employed small business people working in the building and construction sector - or "allied trades", as it's often known - and tend either to work as sub-contractors to larger companies, or for their own customers directly, or both. They may or may not have employees.

Tradesman Trades

Builders, roofers, joiners, bricklayers, electricians, painters, plumbers and other property related trades often buy tradesman insurance to protect themselves against risks typical to their industry.

Risks will vary but might include: arson or flooding at your yard or on a contract site, theft of your van, tools or plant, accident or sickness that could put you out of business, or worse.

As a self employed sole trader your liabilities have no limits. An expensive compensation claim could not only cost you your business, but your family home and large debts. However, the positive note is that insurance is there to help cover the sensible risks.

Many Packages Available

There's no shortage of tradesman insurance packages on the market. Many can be purchased immediately online though you should be sure they make allowance for the specific risks involved for the particular trade in question.

So, whilst the cheap price might appear right, when it comes to the crunch and you need to claim, will you be covered...? To be confident you need to understand a little about the products and to have researched the market a little.

One of your first stops could be your trade association. Even if you don't join, you may pick up good advice about minimising risk within your trade. If implemented some of these can stand you in good stead with your insurer.

Buying Tradesman Insurance

By buying tradesman insurance, you can carry out your trade with confidence, in the knowledge that if there were to be an incident or accident at a job, you should be protected.

If in doubt about the type of cover you need, consult an independent insurance broker who knows about your trade.

Here's just a small selection of the specific types of tradesman insurance packages you can buy: