Stonemason and Memorial Masons Insurance

19/06/2013 -- Mary Simpson
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Stonemasons Insurance

Stonemasonry is one of the world's oldest building trades.

Work can range from carving stone blocks for private residences, churches, office buildings and hotels to repairing historic buildings or fitting stonework on big construction projects.

Whatever your specific line of work, you’ll want to make sure you’re protected against financially damaging claims.

Stonemason’s insurance policies can have set cover, optional extras and add-ons to suit your budget, including:

  • Employers Liability
  • Public/Product Liability
  • Business premises and contents including plant, machinery, tools and stock
  • Goods in transit
  • Hired in equipment
  • Business Interruption
  • Personal Accident

The two main types of cover for stonemasons are employers liability insurance and public liability insurance

Public liability insurance is normally linked to employers liability insurance in policies for small businesses.

Employers Liability Insurance

Employers liability insurance is compulsory and covers a business's legal liabilities to meet claims from employees who fall ill, are injured or die because of their work. Employees include anyone who works for you, including contract workers and apprentices.

Public/Product Liability Insurance

PLI meets the cost of compensation claims made against you for death, injury or damage to property caused by your business activities, and related legal costs.

Without public liability insurance, the process of defending a claim can be difficult, expensive, and very time consuming.

Things to look out for

Make sure your insurer is aware of the type of work you're carrying out (e.g., tunnelling) and where, as there will be limits on the height and depth you can work at, as well as the type of structure.

Most insurers exclude work on blast furnaces, wells, tunnels and canals.

Bridges, viaducts, docks and railways, towers, steeples and chimney shafts are other common no-go areas for insurers.

Memorial Masons Insurance

Memorial masons or monumental masons specialise in carving gravestones or monuments and/or install, clean and repair headstones, mostly for the funeral business.

You could be a sole trader specialising in restoration, or a memorial retailer with your own showroom.

As well as employers liability insurance and public liability insurance, a comprehensive policy can cover your office, shop premises, workshop, yard, stock, tools and vehicles used to deliver memorials.

If you have your own workshop and import marbles and granites you may also want to consider cargo insurance.

Many local authorities now only permit memorial fixers/installers/erectors and memorial mason businesses registered with the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) or the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM) to carry out works on their sites.

Installers must have a minimum of £5million public and products liability insurance and £10million employers liability insurance.

Self Employed Sub-contractors

If you are self employed but work on a sub-contracting basis for other memorial businesses, you still need to have your own insurance that complies with the schemes.

NAMM affiliates are bound by the Code of Business and Working Practice which means they must guarantee the quality, stability and fitting of the final product, usually up to 10 years.