Painters and Decorators Insurance

19/06/2013 -- Mary Simpson
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Tradesman liability insurance can cover the insurable risks to your painting and decorating business, the public and any employees.

Policies can have set cover, optional extras and add-ons to suit your budget, including:

Public Liability Insurance 

Tradesman public liability insurance cover protects your painting and decorating business against accidents to members of the public or damage to property. It can meet your legal liability to pay compensation, and any related legal costs.

Employers Liability Insurance

On larger contracts if you need to hire in extra labour you'll need employers liability cover for them.

If a worker is injured on the job, you'll usually be held wholly liable for any compensation awards. Employers Liability insurance can meet these costs.

Check that your insurance allows for additional temporary employees, and if there are restrictions on the number of days they're covered for.

Contractors All Risks Insurance

This can provide compensation if your site works are damaged or vandalised, or equipment, paint and materials stolen while you’re working on a contract.

Business Interruption

One of the most valuable types of insurance, this can cover you for loss of income - if there’s a fire at your premises, for instance, and you can't carry out your trade.

Personal Accident & Sickness Cover

Painters regularly work at heights and falls are a common hazard of the job. Even a slip from a low height can cause a serious injury and put you out of work.

Personal Accident or Income Protection Insurance is popular with sole traders and self employed painters and decorators, as it can provide income till you can return to work. 

What's not covered

Working at Height: Check for exclusions on the type of properties you can work on. Some insurers exclude industrial properties while others won't cover work higher than 4 storeys, say, or industrial units higher than 8 metres.

Cradles: Working from cradles is often excluded from a standard tradesman insurance policy because of the risks involved.

As well as serious injury or death, a weak cradle support could cause thousands of pounds worth of damage in a fall.

Stock:  Check for exclusions in the amount of flammable liquids such as paint you can store in your workshop, e.g., 50 litres.

Things that could go wrong

  • A customer suffers a serious head injury after slipping on a paint spill and sues you for damages.
  • A ceiling collapses after a plastering subcontractor used too thick a skim and the job has to be redone.
  • You fall from the top of a ladder while painting a ceiling cornice and injure your back, leaving you unable to work.
  • Vandals spray-paint graffiti over properties you've just completed decorating for a new housing development contract.
  • Paint you supplied does not colour match causing the work to be redone at your expense.

Without liability cover any potential blame situation could cause you significant disruption, uncertainty and increased costs.

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