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What is Commercial Van Insurance?

You can't take your commercial van onto the road without one of three levels of motor vehicle insurance policy.

Levels of Cover

You need to select the level of insurance depending on the cover that suits your business and vehicle(s):

  • Comprehensive
  • Third party fire and theft
  • Third Party only

Type of Business

You need insurance to cover the type of business you are in:

  • Courier
  • Hire and Reward
  • Haulage

Type of Goods/Service

You may need insurance to cover your van for:

  • Carriage of own goods
  • Haulage/Haulier Goods in transit
  • Courier services

Driver and Vehicle Profiles

You may wish to reduce insurance premiums by managing risks such as:

Hire van on fire - van insurance
  • Age and number of drivers
  • Self employed / sole trader restriction
  • Engine size and total weight of the loaded vehicle
  • The type of goods carried
  • Alterations to or conversion of the van

Policy Terms and Options

You may wish to choose your insurance based policy characteristics such as:

  • Legal costs and liability protection
  • Replacement or repair terms
  • Accident hire vehicle and to your destination cover
  • Goods in transit and tools cover
  • Personal belongings cover
  • Stereo cover
  • 24-hour helpline
  • No claims discount
  • Online discount
  • Low excess
  • No Claims Bonus Protection
  • Window and windscreen repairs