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Road Haulier Insurance

What is Haulage and Couriers Insurance?

Whether you're an owner-driver or a large fleet operator, after fuel, wages, vehicles and maintenance, insurance is the haulage business's next biggest operating cost.

The price of the premium is a key factor in profit margins, but insurance is not something you can afford to skimp on.

Statistics show higher death and injury rates than either construction or agriculture.

Claim costs can be crippling if you're involved in an accident, and even put you out of business for good.

The Insurance cover you need

  • Commercial vehicle insurance - either:
    • Comprehensive
    • Third Party, Fire and Theft; or
    • Third Party Only
  • Goods in Transit Insurance

Haulage Vehicle & Goods in Transit insurance

A Haulage Vehicle insurance policy won't cover the goods you carry - this is covered by a separate insurance policy called 'Goods in Transit' insurance. As a haulier or a courier, you must insure the goods that you are carrying while they're in transit.

There are two types of use under a haulier or courier insurance policy - carriage of goods for hire and reward, or carriage of your own goods.

Hire van on fire - van insurance
  1. Hire and Reward insurance cover - this is for operators who use their vehicles to carry goods for others and are paid by them to carry the goods.
  2. Carriage of own goods insurance cover - this is for operators who use their vehicles to transport their own goods or to deliver their own goods to customers. They do not receive payment from others to carry the goods.

The Goods in Transit policy will cover:

  • Loss while in transit
  • Theft while in transit
  • Damage caused by accidents during transit
  • Other damage caused during transit